NRD Commissioners

CommissionerAs liaison between the local Council and Scouting Units, the Commissioner’s mission is to keep assigned Units operating at maximum efficiency. The Commissioner maintains regular contact with the leaders of the Units, counsels them on where to find assistance, notes any weaknesses in programs, and suggests remedies. The Commissioner is successful when the Units effectively deliver the ideals of Scouting to their members. To learn more about what commissioners do, click here.

Volunteers Needed – If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering for our Commissioner positions please contact our District Commissioner or District Executive about information on our open positions.  The following units have open positions Troop 3000 & Pack 450

JTE 2016 Gold Award – Northern Ridge District


2017 Commissioner Dates:



Commissioner Recognition

As with all volunteer positions there are awards that Commissioners are eligible to earn as a part of their Unit or Roundtable service.  Please click on the attached link to find out more details on these Awards”

Commissioner Recognition

District Honor Unit Information:

The Northern_Ridge_2017_Honor_Unit requirements document provides descriptions, rules and requirements for the Northern Ridge Honor Unit Award per the different subdivisions of Scouting (Cub/Boy/Venturing/Sea Scout/Varsity). Also included is a description of what units will be eligible for when attaining Honor Unit Status.

If an event has already occurred or registration for an event has already been closed the unit may check off that requirement as done. If you feel a requirement is unfair or discriminates against your unit, please discuss this issue with either your Unit Commissioner, the Honor Unit Commissioners (Bill Leach and Roy Blackwell  or the District Commissioner (Julie Deaton) and they will bring it up for discussion at the Commissioners Meeting

If you have any questions about the Northern Ridge Honor Unit please feel free to contact your Unit Commissioner.


Position Name Email 
District Commissioner
Roy Blackwell
Asst. District Commissioner Bill Affeldt ten.k1521760741nilht1521760741rae@l1521760741labac1521760741i1521760741
Asst. District Commissioner Open
Asst. District Commissioner William D Leach moc.l1521760741iamg@1521760741hcael1521760741.d.ma1521760741illiw1521760741
Asst. District Commissioner Jerry Neidert ten1521760741.epac1521760741sten@1521760741tuocs1521760741dlodl1521760741o1521760741
Asst. District Commissioner Tisa Pardee moc.l1521760741iamg@1521760741eedra1521760741p.asi1521760741t1521760741
Asst. District Commissioner Randy Townsend  moc1521760741.ooha1521760741y@09815217607414namd1521760741nar1521760741
Asst. District Commissioner – Roundtable Craig Ficik gro.5152176074148kca1521760741p@kic1521760741ifc1521760741


2017 District Rechartering Information

District Recharter