Webelos Crossovers

Project Roundup is a District incentive program to encourage Webelos II scouts to cross over into Boy Scouts. Boy Scouting is “all about the boys” and as such it is the boys whom we will reward in this program. Each Webelos Scout who joins a troop will receive a special Crossover Patch that he can wear on his right pocket as a “temporary patch.” It is a youth incentive patch that is not available to adults or older scouts.alt

The following are the criteria as approved by the District Committee:

  • The patch is for the Webelos Scout who joins a troop, not the adult;
  • The patch will not cost the Scout anything;
  • Patches will not be available for purchase by others;
  • The Crossover patch will NOT be awarded by the Pack or at the Pack Blue & Gold event;
  • The Crossover patch will be presented by the Scout’s new troop AFTER officially joining the troop;
  • A new Application must be completed by the boy and pay $1.00 process fee, payable to the AAC.

To Request Patches for your Troop:

  1. The Scoutmaster, Webelos Liaison, or designee, completes the form below.
  2. Send completed form to the Northern Ridge District Membership Chair Brett DeVore via email: moc.e1513634887suohb1513634887ulcso1513634887ddik@1513634887erove1513634887db1513634887
  3. The patches will be ordered and delivered to Troops via the Roundtable mail box.

Click here to download:
2015 Crossover Form – Webelos