Cub Scout Advancement

On the Cub Scout advancement trail, a youth progresses from rank to rank, learning new skills along the way. As Cub Scouts get older and advance through the ranks, the requirements become more challenging to match their new skills and abilities. Cub Scout advancement includes a wide range of group and individual activities youth enjoy. More importantly, the activities are carefully selected to encourage physical, intellectual and character development. At all grades after Kindergarten, new Cub Scouts get to earn a joining rank badge called “Bobcat”.

The rank levels and activities tied to the Cub Scout’s grade and age are as follows:

  • Kindergarten Cub Scouts work toward the Lion badge in the Lion Handbook
  • First Graders have the Tiger badge and Handbook
  • Second Graders have the Wolf badge and Handbook
  • Third Graders have the Bear badge and Handbook
  • Fourth Graders work on the Webelos badge and Handbook (“Webelos” stands for “WE’ll BE LOyal Scouts”)
  • Fifth Graders work on the Arrow of Light badge also found in the Webelos Handbook

A Cub Scout will start at the rank and Handbook appropriate to the Cub Scout’s age (grade). To make rank advancement easier and more fun for leaders and parents, see the information below and this resource site maintained by the Council Cub Scout Resource for the Advancement Committee.

Ranks - Click on the Badge for More:

Bobcat - Joining Rank
Lion - Kindergarten
Tiger Badge
Tiger - 1st Grade
Wolf - 2nd Grade
Bear - 3rd Grade
Webelos - 4th Grade
Arrow of Light - 5th Grade