District Committee Job Descriptions:

District Key Three Leaders:

District Director

District Director

Warren Parsons

District Executive

District Executive

Nic MacLeish

District Chairman

District Chairman

Gene Thorncroft

District Commissioner

District Commissioner

Bill Affeldt

District Vice Chairman:

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Jesse Seago

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Wendy Kraemer

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Anna McCarthy

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Ed Laderoute

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Patrick Thompson

District Committee Positions:

Advancement & Recognition Chair:

  • Reports to the Vice Chair
  • Stimulate advancement and recognition of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Crews, Teams, and Posts
  • Ensure advancement and recognition remain in accordance with National Council’s requirements and procedures
  • Recruit and orient District Advancement Committee
  • Establish advancement goals for District’s Units
  • Develop a plan to achieve District advancement goals, and track goal attainment
  • Assist Packs, Troops, Teams, and Crews: evaluate progress as required
  • Provide the Council with recommendations of youth and adults qualifying for special recognition
  • Coach Troop leaders in methods for conducting Boards of Review and Courts of Honor
  • Give special assistance to Units with poor advancement progress
  • Recruit and train an adequate group of Merit Badge Counselors for the District
  • Produce and maintain a Merit Badge Counselor Directory
  • Recommend Unit and District Scouters for special District and Council recognition (Meritorious, Silver Beaver, etc)
  • Implement Council advancement and recognition program
  • Review and approve Eagle Scout service project plans
  • Participate in or conduct Eagle Scout Boards of Review

Camp Promotions Chair:

  • Reports to the Vice Chair
  • Recruit and orient District Civic Service Committee
  • Develop and implement a plan for civic service projects in the District
  • Recruit and guide Civic Service Committee
  • Ensure Good Turn ideas through Unit participation in civic service and community activities
  • Promote proper uniforming at special activities
  • Implement Council civic service programs
  • Promote program visibility in the community
  • Support Scouting For Food, Spring Cleanup, Camp Work Days, and other Good Turn For America activities

Outdoor Chair:

  • Reports to the Vice Chair
  • Develop annual schedule of projects and events; including Camporees, Klondike, etc
  • Recruit and orient District Outdoor Committee
  • Implement the Council outdoor promotion plan
  • Assist Unit committees in understanding and implementing their outdoor program
  • Assist Council Committee with outdoor program facilities
  • Give guidance on health and safety concerns
  • Track and attain outdoor objectives
  • Understand each Unit’s outdoor record
  • Work with Commissioners to help Units plan a year-round schedule of outdoor program events

Training Chair

  • Reports to the Vice Chair
  • Establish District training objectives to train leaders, not just run training courses
  • Participate in Council Training Committee meetings dealing with training policies, program, and procedures
  • Recruit and orient Training Committee members and Course Instructors
  • Prepare an inventory of all leaders who need training
  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate an annual District training program based on training inventory
  • Evaluate and report on training progress
  • Maintain Unit and District training records
  • Offer training opportunities to every Unit leader
  • Promote attendance at all training courses
  • Give special assistance to untrained Unit leaders
  • Give special attention to training new Units and new leaders in existing Units
  • Approve applications for District training recognitions
  • Support Wood Badge and Den Chief training and specialized training such as Pow Wow
  • Track and attain training objectives
  • Implement Council training program
  • Support local and national Scouting policies, procedures, and practices
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District Calendar:

Friends of Scouting



Friends of Scouting Campaign

Below is the link to the Friends of Scouting Campaign.    Remember our District name is Northern Ridge.

Quick Links:

District Meetings:

District Committee Meeting:

When: 1st Thursday of Each Month @ 7pm

Where: Alpharetta Presbyterian Church

Commissioners Meeting

When: 2nd Thursday of Each Month @ 7 pm

Where: Alpharetta First United Methodist – Youth Center

Roundtable Meetings

When: 3rd Thursday of Each Month @ 7:30 pm


Alpharetta First United Methodist Church – Youth Center

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