Webelos Woods

Where Birmingham United Methodist Church
When Troops October 28-30
Webelos October 29-30
Time Troops Arrive: 6-7pm Friday, Depart 9am Sunday
Webelos Arrive: 7am Saturday, Depart 9am Sunday

What is Webelos Woods?

At Webelos Woods, Webelos will participate in a day and evening schedule of advancement and fun, much like Scout Camporee. Most of the activities are designed to help the Webelos complete their required adventures prior to bridging. This year the Northern Ridge District hopes to bring your Webelos another great overnight outdoor adventure. Registered participants will be presented with patches and other useful items from each activity station. This will be a rain or shine event so weather will not be an issue for this event, Please come prepared.


Please contact with any questions.

What you or your pack needs:

  • Every Webelos must attend as a den with den leaders from your pack. (No individual registration available this year)
  • Every Webelos scout needs a copy of his/her Health forms A & B, which can be found here.
  • A tent and personal gear like a sleeping bag and extra clothes
  • Other camping gear as needed

What each Webelo needs to bring:

  • Cub Scout 10 Essentials
  • Mess Kits (If possible)
  • Camp chair
  • Fresh water and a water bottle
  • Bug repellent
  • A song or skit to perform for the campfire
  • Other gear as needed

Troops Participating:

A few more Scout troops are needed to staff and support Web Woods.  Members of troops (both male and female troops) are needed to staff the Web Woods event.  Only a small team (patrol-sized group)  is needed from each troop.  Support is needed in the following areas:

Staffing the activities and events of Saturday afternoon:  Troops will prepare and host an event for Cub Dens.  There will be 9 event stations, with 2 dens per station (could be up to 3 dens per station, if needed).  Events & activities are:



Host Troop


Instructional Fire Building

hands on/EDGE method, in safe area

River Crossing with Knot Tying Instruction

15 min EDGE-based instruction, followed by activity (Gene has the event “kit” from Camporee)

Angry Birds Catapult

Snake Pit Maze

10x10 grid, maze, can’t step on the “snake pit”, Mark shoots marshmallows at participants

Team Biathlon Ski

two 2x4’s ropes (group ski), as teams move through course, shoot projectile at a target

Banana Boat

cook your own snack event:  take half a banana, slice length-wise, pour in chocolate chips, marshmallows, wrap in foil, heat 10-15 minutes

Compass Instruction & Orienteering Game 

compete on 100 ft tape;  10 minutes instruction, 20 minute game (like the ITOLS event)

First Aid Relay

something general (tie a leg splint, sprained angle brace, etc.) run a course to carry a victim across the finish line?  Could complete on number of victims carried over finish line.

“What to Pack for a Camp Out”

older Scouts bring fully packed backpack, reinforce that Scouts need to pack their own pack, Q&A from Cub Dens

Frisbee Relay Race

Support Meal Prep –

Troops will support and facilitate visiting Cub Dens with cooking their meals (Sat lunch, Sat dinner, Sun breakfast)


Evening Campfire –

BSA Scouts (male and female) will host and MC the Saturday evening campfire


Interfaith Service –

BSA Scouts (male and female) will host an interfaith service on Sunday morning