Scouting for Food

As Scouts, we know how fortunate we are to have a warm meal every night — whether around the campfire or at the kitchen table. And we know that not everyone is so lucky.

That’s the genesis of Scouting for Food (SFF), the annual food-collection drive run by the Atlanta Area Council & the Northern Ridge District. It’s another reminder to our local communities that Scouts are here, doing good turns. Plan ahead. Scouting for Food is an important team-building unit activity. It is easy to administer and will engage all family members.


  • March is Scouting for Food collection month in the Northern Ridge District each year. This follows Atlanta Area Council Scouting for Food recommendations. Advanced planning is suggested since Scouting for Food requires unit calendar coordination, adult leader buy-in, and scout participation.  Roundtables are a great place to ask questions and get more information.   Below are some resources to help as well.  January, February and March meetings provide help for all Pack/Den and Troop/Patrol Scouting for Food programs.



Place Scouting for Food on your Unit Calendar.



Select an adult Unit SFF Chair.

Make Unit SFF Announcement.



Attend Roundtable SFF Break Out

Get Scout Unit Participation.



COLLECT and deliver Food

Additional Roundtable Support Available



Results submitted Online

  • The Mail Box Bag is a popular Scouting for Food collection method. It uses two consecutive weekends. On the first weekend, Scouts distribute bags and/or door hangers to let their neighbors know about the Scouting for Food drive. On the second, Scouts revisit those houses to pick up bags full of non-perishable food, bath items, diapers, baby food, and even pet food.  Other great collection ideas are below in the Scouting for Food for Newbies PowerPoint presentation in the resource area below.


  • North Fulton Charities is our default Northern Ridge District Food Bank. Units may select the local Food Bank they wish to support and deliver their collected food.


  • Make Scouting for Food an adventure! Be creative…capture a scout’s imagination!  Consider “Doing a Good Turn” a habit worth building throughout the BSA Scouting Journey and memory to carry forward.  



Check out all the SFF help and resources links available below.

Scouting for Food Chairs



Handout of Suggested Items 79.50 KB 68 downloads

Suggested items for collection ...

Bag Note Side 2 27.19 KB 30 downloads

Side 2 of the drop off bag note. ...

Bag Note Side 1 475.98 KB 35 downloads

Side 1 of the drop off bag note. ...

Scouts BSA Recognition Certificate 455.00 KB 25 downloads

Scouting for Food, Scouts BSA Recognition Certificate ...

Cub Scout Recognition Certificate 279.50 KB 18 downloads

Scouting for Food Cub Scout Recognition Certificate ...

Fillable Scouting for Food Roster 228 KB 56 downloads

Fillable Scouting for Food Roster - 2019 Version ...

District Scouting for Food Fact Sheet 335 KB 26 downloads

Scouting for Food District Fact Sheet Handout - 2019 Version ...

District Scouting for Food Kick Off 2 MB 26 downloads

Scouting for Food Kick Off - 2019 Version ...