Bead Toten Ticket

At the Lodge events you probably have seen people wearing the leather cords with various beads and claws.  These are earned by going to and participating in Lodge Events and the activities that are available there.  When you check in to a Lodge event, one of the items you will be given is the Bead Totem Ticket

Put your name & Chapter name at the top of the form.  The items on the ticket will align with the activities that are planned for the weekend and listed on the schedule.  As you attend/participate in the various activities keep this ticket with you and as each activity ends, you should see folks lining up to get their ticket signed by the event lead.  It is your responsibility to get these signed throughout the weekend.

Sunday morning, after the Scouts Own Service, the line to receive beads usually opens.  You turn in the ticket and you will receive the beads for the items you earned.

NOTE: You have to do this at the Lodge Event.  If you forget to get your beads you will not be able to get them at a different event at a later date.  

You do not receive any beads for going through your ordeal, but at the next Lodge event you go to, you will get your leather cord, the ordeal claw, and the ordeal bead along with any other beads you earned.  If you went through the ordeal as a youth you will receive a white ordeal bead.  If you went through the ordeal as an adult you will receive a black ordeal bead.

Once you complete your Brotherhood trail, you will receive the 2nd claw.  Below are some pictures of the Bead Information Boards at you will see at the lodge events and show you what the different colors and types of beads are for. The claw arrangement is at the discretion of the wearer and the below is just an example of ONE possibility.

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