Brotherhood Trail

So, you completed your Induction Weekend and are now considering sealing your membership in the OA by completing the Brotherhood Trail, check out this page to learn more!


Eligibility – To be eligible, you must be an Ordeal Member in the Order of the Arrow and it must have been at least 6 months since your induction. If you’re not sure about your eligibility, .


What is Brotherhood – Brotherhood is the second level in the Order of the Arrow.  It is the point at which an OA Ordeal Member seals their bond with the OA. You can learn more about OA Membership on the National site.


What is the Brotherhood Trail –  The Brotherhood Trail is the process that culminates in the Brotherhood Ceremony where you seal your membership and receive a new OA Sash with the bars above and below the arrow to signify your Brotherhood Level.


When Can I Complete the Brotherhood Trail –  The Brotherhood trail is offered at almost every Lodge Level event in the Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge with the exception of days of service and Trailblazer. It is even offered at Induction Weekends and does NOT overlap with the new Candidate’s Ordeal, so you can serve as an Elangomat AND complete the Brotherhood Trail in one weekend. Please simply let the registrar know during checking that you plan on completing the Brotherhood Trail.


How to Prepare – There are many ways to prepare for the Brotherhood Trail. If you’ve come to any Chapter or Lodge events, you may already know a lot of info. If you want to freshen up your knowledge of the OA, you can check out an online study guide or try some flashcards! From a logistical standpoint, listen for announcements for Brotherhood Candidates during Breakfast and Lunch.

If you have any questions about the Brotherhood Trail or Eligibility, please reach out to the Chapter Advisor or Chapter Chief.

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