“Hello, this is Mark Kopel, district advancement chair for the Northern Ridge District and I want to thank you for taking National’s Merit Badge Counselor Training course.   This course is now available in National’s  online training area.  www.my.scouting.org

Why should a Merit Badge Counselor be trained… After all you are a Counselor for your subject based on your expertise in a particular Subject. There are no Scout Skills in Merit Badges so why be trained.

It goes to the core values of Scouting.

First, Every boy deserves a trained leader. You are a mentor for this Scout and you need to be knowledgeable about the basic rules of Scouting and the basic rules of advancement and specifically what are the rules for Merit Badge Counseling.

Second, Being an adult who has direct contact with scouts, Scouting requires you to be trained in your position. It is a Requirement for Journey to Excellence

Third, by being trained as a Merit Badge Counselor, you will be a better prepared counselor and both you and the scout will have a better more enjoyable experience.

AND Most importantly IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.   If you want the scouts to follow the rules and do the right thing, it starts with the adults leading by example.


So on behalf of a Grateful Northern Ridge District and a Grateful Boy Scouts of America, I thank you for the time you are giving to Scouting and especially the time you are putting in now to get trained.

Your time today will pay dividends tomorrow…

Thank you