Service Chair & Community Service Liason

Who is Tom Reitz…your Northern Ridge District Service Chair & Community Service Liaison?   An Eagle Scout (1976) in Troop 96, Long Island, New York; I served in a wide variety of youth leadership positions; graduated BSA’s National Troop Leader Development Training; Order of the Arrow Buckskin Lodge 412; Philmont 50 Miler; more than 150 nights Camping

It’s a pleasure to serve on District Eagle Boards of Review; I’m a BSA Counselor for 55 Merit Badges serving Scouts in our District, Council, and across the U.S.; volunteer as District Community Service Liaison to assist
Units in developing projects and extending Scout service to underserved and to-date unserved worthy beneficiaries in our community.

As a Member of the Atlanta Area Council International Committee, back in 2001 I traveled as Co-Contingent Leader to Japan for the Atlanta-Tokyo Friendship Exchange and summited Mount Fuji with Crew of Eagle Scouts We’ve hosted Scouts and Scouters from Japan, Sweden, Uganda, Bangladesh, and the UK, and continually look for new opportunities to introduce our Scouts to the World of Scouting. I am continuing the work of my son Matt to develop a Friendship Exchange with the Bharat Scouts & Guides of India As a Board Member of The Matthew W. Reitz Foundation, I advise on the development of a program to help fund International Eagle Scout & Messengers of Peace Projects, in memory of my late son Matt.

“Scouts: Serving the Community…and being recognized for their efforts”


While many restrictions have been lifted, Corona Virus is still a serious health risk. Some people are especially vulnerable and need help from Scouts!

Remember to Always:

Service is one of the most important values we have in Scouting. The Scout Oath calls on us all to “help other people at all times.” The Scout Law says a Scout is Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind.
These may be the most important ideals a young person takes away from their time in Scouting, no matter how long they’re with us.

Each individual Scout Pack, Troop, or Crew works independently; we at District don’t just call or email and say, “here’s a project you need to do.” Every Unit has its own calendar and may already have service projects they already support. However, it helps us all to share ideas so all of our Scouts
benefits and provide meaningful service to our communities.

My “job” as YOUR Northern Ridge District Service Liaison is to find/identify nonprofits/ charities/beneficiaries who have benefitted from Scout service, would like to have more service done by our Scouts…and in some cases may have never enjoyed the benefit of Scouts’ service and make your Unit aware of those needs in our Community.

There’s another side to the “job”. That’s to make our community more aware of all the good we do. To do that, I need your input. With your help I can work to promote the “good news” of Scouting to our communities via Social Media and traditional news.

So please call or send me an email. A narrative is good, and pictures of your Scouts in action is great!

If you need or want to…
discuss ideas for potential Unit or individual Scout projects, get help in contacting a group/beneficiary to serve, get support or guidance for logistics, want to set up a Service Awards Program for your Unit…develop a Messengers of Peace project…or share ideas you have for projects…
The Northern Ridge District Community Service team is here for you. We can be easily reached by email or phone call.

Tom Reitz

Northern Ridge District Service Chair & Community Service Liaison


What kind of service projects can my Unit do?

For service projects that your Unit can do as a Troop, Pack, or Crew…or service your Scouts can do on an individual basis, first contact your Charter Organization to see if they have specific needs.

Your Unit can go to This is a website that lists service opportunities big and small across communities. People visiting this site can search by town or project type and find opportunities where they can be of the most help. Simply enter your town or zip code and it’ll bring up organizations in your area that need help. Find an organization your Unit might like to help and contact them directly to find out what their current needs are and how your Unit can help.

Visit Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta and select a local charity from the list of more than 245 community Non-Profits that serve Atlanta and 23 surrounding Counties in Georgia…You select the Group you might like to serve, and then you get in direct contact with that
group to find what their needs are.

Individual & Group Opportunities that need volunteer help are also listed on United Way of Greater Atlanta

Scouts around the Country and the World are doing many great services for their communities

CUBSCOUTIDEAS.COM Offers great ideas for your Cub Scout Pack to do service.

SCOUTING MAGAZINE has done feature articles on service projects and there are two that stand out for their good ideas for a Pack, Troop, or Crew:

For ideas for some Eagle Projects, or Unit Service Projects turn to BOY’S LIFE EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT SHOWCASE

The National Eagle Scout Association-NESA also offers good suggestions to help a Life Scout get started EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT IDEAS-THE NATIONAL EAGLE SCOUT ASSOCIATION

Here are just a handful of ideas for you to consider and “brainstorm”…

Other Service Project Ideas to consider…

Service awards your Scouts can earn:

The President’s Volunteer Service Award
and Congressional Service Awards