District Pinewood Derby

Packs, send your TOP 3 Champions.

Check-in Procedure 

Please register that your pack will be attending and the scouts name/rank that will be representing your pack.

Scouts are urged to check in as early as possible in the event that alterations/repairs need to be done to  the car. There will be a designated work area ONLY for last minute fixes to the car.


It’s extremely important to stay within the design rules. Cars will be measured at check-in to  ensure they do not exceed the width and length limits. Try to get your car as close to 5oz as  possible; it’s easy to make small weight adjustments at the last minute. Scales do not always measure the same due to other conditions. Changing width, length, and height is more problematic, so pay careful attention to the requirements on the next page. 


No test runs before checking in. Once a car is checked in, we will assign the car number, and write it on the bottom of the car. 


Check-in closes 1:30 minutes after opening. No cars will be accepted after this point.

This is a firm  rule – no exceptions! 



Each car will race four times, once in each lane. Cars will be judged based on their average time  across all four races. 



Everyone is expected to conduct themselves in the spirit of scouting. Any scout, parent, or sibling who displays unsportsmanlike behavior will be asked to leave. 



The top three finishers based on average time will be recognized. Additionally, we will award the  District Cup to the pack with the best overall average time.

The winning pack will receive the scouts name and pack on the district trophy.

Check-in Friday March 11, 2022 :: 5pm - 9pm
Race Day March 12, 2022
Race Start 10 am
Where 13560 Cogburn Rd. Milton, Ga 30004 (St. Aiden's E[iscopal)

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