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Glenn A. & Melinda W. Adams Service Project of the Year Award

Applications are now being accepted until January 21 2024

All applicants must have attained the rank of Eagle Scout by December 31, 2023


Each local council will choose a council-level winner, and from that pool, each region will pick a region-level winner.  A national winner then will be selected from the four regional finalists.  The Council winner will receive a certificate and a bronze device for the Eagle Scout embroidered knot from the National Eagle Scout Association as well as his name added to the Council Adams Award Plaque located at the Council Volunteer Service Center-Eagle’s Corner

The regional winner receives a gold device for the Eagle Scout embroidered knot and $500, to be available for their future educational purposes or to attend a national or international Scouting event or facility.

One winner will be selected by April 15 of each year, in time to be announced at the National Annual Meeting in May. The national award winner will receive a certificate, a silver device for the Eagle embroidered knot, and a cash award of $2,500 that will be available for the

Scout’s future educational purposes or for him to attend a national or international Scouting event or venue.

Evaluation criteria for this award should include consideration of at least the following:

  • Project planning required
  • Effort to develop the project
  • Extent and character of the leadership provided by the Scout
  • Extent of achievement of the planned result, including changes or modifications required to complete the project
  • Project’s impact on the beneficiary and/or on the community at large
  • Originality of the project
  • Scope of the work
  • Time and materials contributed
  • Level of skill employed to complete the project


IF A SCOUT IS INTERESTED He/She needs to fill out the application and attach a copy of their complete Eagle Scout Workbook with all attachments  and submit it to the Program Center  either via      

Use email address: or email via  

Any Questions—please contact Mark Kopel

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