Northern Ridge Roundtable Recap

September 2022

Did you miss this month’s roundtable and wish that someone had recorded it for you?   Well guess what we did just that!   Some months the technology gets the better of us and others we get the better of it.   This month we won, and you get the benefit.     Here is the recording of the Roundtable main topic which was about re-chartering your unit.  

We want to thank Paula Laderoute for putting together a great presentation and taking the time to present the details for the upcoming unit re-chartering.     While it may look like a slide deck in the video it is not.    Click the button below to go to the page Paula is talking about.

We would also like to the Chris Karabinos for coming to our roundtable to give an update on the United Methodist Church Agreement.   Links to further details are provided on the re-charter info page.