Q&A Session

  • Hosted by the North Georgia UMCOS
  • Purpose: to ask questions about how the evolving relationship between the UMC and BSA affects where and how Scouts BSA units in North Georgia recharter in 2022 and the steps they will need to take.
  • 7:00 pm est

Updated 8/16/2021

As you may know, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is currently going through a bankruptcy process. Representatives of The United Methodist Church and the North Georgia Conference are monitoring the proceedings closely.  There has not been a final decision or ruling made in the matter.

We want to communicate that the partnership between the BSA and United Methodist Church remains strong and we are working to see that this partnership, which has borne so much fruit and ministered to so many young people, continues to flourish for years to come. Scouting is an important and vibrant ministry of the church. As such, we celebrate the large number of churches in the North Georgia Annual Conference that have a scouting presence and would love to see that number continue to grow. 

Given this, Conference and denominational leaders offer a few recommendations at this time:

  • We strongly encourage churches to continue supporting their Scouts BSA (and Girl Scout) packs, troops, and crews. 
  • Although it is still early, we ask that churches not renew their charter agreements with the BSA in 2022. Your current charter agreement is good through December 31, 2021. (More info will be forthcoming to provide additional guidance over the coming weeks and months).
  • We propose that churches consider a “Facilities Use Agreement” in 2022 and going forward.  


A Letter from Our Bishop and Conference Scouting Coordinator:

Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson and Scouting Coordinator Chris Karabinos wrote a letter to North Georgia United Methodists and friends of Scouting in our Conference. Read that letter below. 

Ask A Question:

The North Georgia Conference is working to develop an FAQ on this topic.

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