2020 Training Update

Youth Protection Training 2020 Update

Adult Registered BSA Members

  •  Most all adult members of the BSA completed an updated Youth Protection Training (YPT) in 2018 and for most of you this training will expire during this year.
  • There is a new version of Youth Protection Training for 2020.
  • This 2020 YPT version includes all BSA membership policy and guideline changes since 2018 and will require about 60 minutes to complete.
  •  As an adult members your are responsible for monitoring and re-certifying your own YPT on-line before it’s expiration at my.scouting.org
  •  Unit Key 3 leadership can monitor the status (and expiration date) of your unit’s Adult Leadership in my.scouting.org through generation of the YPT Aging Report. Please let you leaders know ahead when their training is set to expire.
  • As a District, we desire to take the lead on all leaders staying current with their Youth Protection training.
  • If you or one of your adult leaders in your unit experience an issue with the on-line version of the training, please contact Bill Affeldt, our Northern Ridge District Training Chair, at and he will work with you on resolution of the issue.

On-Line Training for Position Specific Courses

On-line position courses are In the attached file.

Please note that position training for ALL BSA Leadership positions can now be located and completed on-line at www.my.scouting.org

Choose a BSA program.  Launch the training series.

National changed many of the Scouts, BSA and Merit Badge Counselor courses.   (New numbers and at times course titles)

Step-by-step On-line training (my.scouting.org) instructions for Leader On-Line Training