What does it take to be a “TRAINED” Leader?
That depends on your registered position.  Youth Protection is required for all positions (must be updated every two years). Then a one or more courses that are specific to your position. What Makes A Trained Leader.  Once you have completed the required training for your position you are entitled to wear the Trained patch.

How do I check my official BSA Training Record?
Go to myscouting.org and click on training report to obtain your official record of training. Your unit key 3 also have access to training reports on myscouting.org and my.scouting.org (aka Scouting Tools). If you need assistance in locating your training record contact Kim Tipton, Northern Ridge District Training Registrar

How do I fix errors (e.g., completed training not showing) on my training record?
If you have courses missing from your training record, please contact Kim Tipton, Northern Ridge District Training Registrar

How do I obtain a SUPER TRAINED patch?
The Atlanta Area Council has a special patch to recognize leaders that have gone beyond the requirements of their registered role and completed additional training. To view the requirements and submit an application for a SUPER TRAINED patch,  click here.

How can I join the Northern Ridge Training team?
Contact Bill Affeldt (), Northern Ridge District Training Chair. We are always looking for new team members!