Awards that can be earned by Youth:

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award–Cubs

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award – New 03/23/16

National Den Award–Cub Dens

National Summertime Pack-Cubs


Ninth Point Award -Cub

Religious Emblems-Cub

Say Yes to Reading



Whittling Chip — Cub

World Conservation Award Application-Cub Scout

World Conservation Award-Cub

Complete Angler Recognition

Den Chief–boy, Varsity Venture

Firem’n Chit Boy Scout

Hometown BSA- Boy Scout, Varsity

Hometown USA application Boy Scout

National Honor Patrol Award- Boy Scout

Ninth Point Award-Boy

Outdoor challenge application-units


Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Outstanding Eagle Scout

Paul Bunyan Woodsman Boy Scout

Religious Emblems–Boy Varsity Venture


Totin Chip Boy Scout

Triple Crown and Grand Slam of High Adventure Camps

Whitewater_Rafting_BSA_Award and Application

World_Conservation_Application–Boy Scout

World Conservation Award Boy Scout

Yes to Reading

Complete Angler Recognition

Discovery Award- Venture

Long Cruise Award- Sea Scout


Pathfinder Award-Venture

Quartermaster-sea scout

Ranger Award- Venture

Religious Emblems–Boy Varsity Venture

SEAL Training Award- Sea Scout


Summit Award- Venture

Venturing Award–Venture

Venturing Leadership Award–Venture

Venture Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award

World Conservation Award-Venture

World_Conservation_Award Application- Venturing

Young American award-Venture

Young American Award applicaition-Venture

Distinguished Service Award–Order of Arrow members

Founders Award-Order of the Arrow members

Legacy of Service-Order of the Arrow members

Order of the Arrow-Basics Order of the Arrow members

The Vigil Honor-Order of the Arrow members

Amateur Radio Operator-Youth and adult

ATTENDANCE PIN AND BAR–Cub Boy Varsity Venture Sea

50 Miler Award Boy Varsity Venture

Application for for Lifesaving or Meritorious Action Award–All Youth and adults

Boardsailing BSA Boy Venture Varsity Adult

BSA Lifeguard Boy Venture Varsity Sea

Conservation Good Turn application –ALL and adults

Conservation Good Turn requirement All Scouts and adults

Crime Prevention Award Requirements-cub, boy, varsity, venture

Cyber Chip–All Scouts

Donor Awareness Patch-cub,boy,venture,varsity, adult

Duty to God Promotion Patch-youth and adult

Emergency Preparedness Award-Application cub,boy, venturer, varsity, adult, unit, district, council

Emergency Preparedness Award-Requirements cub,boy, venturer, varsity, adult, unit, district, council

Firecrafter-Cub Boy Venture Varsity

Founders Bar Youth and Adult

HeinzYouthConservationAward- All

Historic Trails Award Boy Venture Varsity

Historic Trails Application Boy Venture Varsity

Hornaday Awards Scouts Units Adults youth

International Spirit Award-cub boy-venture-varsity-adult

International Spirit Award application cub-boy-varsity-venture-adult

Interpreter Strips–Youth and adult

Internet Scout Patch –Scouts and Adults

Jamboree on the Internet–Youth and adult

Jamboree on the Air–Youth and adult

Kayaking BSA Boy Venture Varsity Sea

Lifesaving and Meritorious Awards–Youth and Adult

Leadership Award-Learning for Life

Mile Swim Boy Venture Varsity Sea Adult

Messengers of Peace–Youth and Adult

National Medal for Outdoor Achievement Boy-Venture-Varsity

National Outdoor Badges Boy Venture Varsity

National Outdoor Badge-Medal Application Boy-Venture-Varsity

Outdoor ethics awareness-action award Requirements cub, boy, Venture, adult

POLAR BEAR PATCH youth and adult

Recruiter Strip–Youth and Adult

Red Arrow Award -non scouts

Religious Emblems–Boy Varsity Venture

SCOUTStrong PALA Challenge Award–All

SCOUTStrong PALA Challenge Award Activity Log

SCUBA BSA requirements- Boy, Venture, Varsity Sea adult


Snorkeling BSA Boy Venture Varsity Adult

Standup Paddleboarding Boy Venture Varsity Sea

Snorkeling BSA Boy Venture Varsity Adult

Spirit of Scouting Award

The Presidents Volunteer Service Award- All

TRUST Religious and Community Life Award-Venture

Trained -Youth and Adult

WORLD CREST–youth and adult

Memorial Gold Star Award- Units

Ready and Prepared Award Units Troop Crew Team

VETERAN UNIT BARS-unit for members